Managing Diabetes

11 Time-Saving Diabetic Apps you won’t know how you managed without!

Remembering to check your glucose levels and monitoring your blood sugar can be challenging for many diabetics. Thankfully, there are a variety of smartphone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps or applications that you can download to help educate you on your journey with diabetes.

Some of these apps offer reminder alarms for taking medication or for checking blood glucose levels. There are other apps available that will monitor your exercise and your carbohydrate intake and offer built in medical terminology explanations. Other applications have suggestions for exercise, meals and tracking net carbs along with overall calorie intake.

Many of these apps offer comprehensive tools for either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetics.

Check out these apps for your phone:

Fooducate: Scan the barcode on food packages and this app will educate you about the good and bad ingredients.

Glooko: Allows you to upload your blood sugar readings from your device for easy tracking. Also allows for exercise, medication, and meal tracking.

Diabetic Audio Recipes Lite: Gives nutritional data about numerous recipes that can be listened to while you cook.

Diabetic Connect: interact with others with diabetes for support, encouragement, and conversations

Diabetic App: Helps track the amount of sugar in food, weight, water intake, and blood pressure.

On Track Diabetes: Provides reminders for checking blood sugar levels and medicine. Calculates average blood sugar reading per month, easily sharable with your doctors office. personalized app to track your specific glucose, insulin, and medications.

Gloocol Diabetes: tracks and graphs your diabetic needs

Diabetes Pilot: Scan bar codes on food to find nutritional information, tracks and stores blood glucose levels,

WaveSense Diabetes Manager: access a video library with resources for managing diabetes.

Keep current on the latest news and information about diabetes research and treatments.

Online Resources

There are a variety of free online tools available to help diabetics manage their health. Logbooks that can help keep track of medication intake, exercise regimes, blood pressure and glucose levels are often useful to help users track inputs and outputs and identify trends in their daily routine.

Community support combined with collaborative sharing to improve health and motivate positive changes are additional beneficial online tools.

Many glucometers come with a cord or have one available for purchase that will enable you to download information directly onto your computer. Speak with your doctor and local pharmacist to see what type of meter they recommend. Do some research and ask around.

Check in with your health insurance provider as many will cover your glucometer or test strips or at least a portion of your supplies.

Online Support Group

Check out our Diabetic Discussion page. Feeling angry, guilty or in denial about having diabetes is commonly experienced by many individuals after they are diagnosed. You may find support from our online diabetic discussion page. If you are having difficulty dealing with the stress, speak with your doctor as they may be able to help you.

As well as online support groups there are often local support groups that can be a great place to connect with others who are dealing with similar issues. Your doctor can refer you to a dietician and a counsellor if needed too.

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